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Motoring Law

In the UK, it is vital to know your rights when defending a traffic offence. 

Familiarising yourself with the law will give you a much better chance of success if you find yourself in court. 

There are many types of traffic offences, ranging from drink driving,  speeding to using a mobile phone behind the wheel. Each offence carries its own penalties, and it is vital to understand the implications of each before deciding on a course of action.

You may well feel that you have no way out of a motoring offence but this is not a true reflection of things. Depending on the motoring offence there could just be something which can prevent a guilty verdict.

So, if you are unsure of your rights or facing severe penalties, you should speak to our Motoring Law team.

With their expert help, you can ensure you have the best possible chance of success when defending a UK traffic offence.

Typically, our team can help you defend against:

  • Speeding
  • Drink/Drug Driving
  • Lack of Tax/Insurance
  • Jumping a red traffic light 
  • Using a Mobile Phone at the Wheel

Our law firm offers a unique and flexible approach for motoring offences that puts you firmly in control. Our unique approach offers you a fast, stress free and cost effective solution that we are proud to say is at least 41% more affordable than most high street solicitors.

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