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Child Arrangements


When you are separating from your partner, a child arrangement order may be necessary to resolve disagreements regarding where and with whom children will live, or how much time they will spend with a parent or other person with whom they do not live.

Who gets child custody?

In principle, a child can live with either parent after they separate, depending on the child’s best interests. the usual manner is that the child will remain with the mother and the father has either shared custody or an arrangement to see his child. Factors to consider (and which the court would consider if you cannot reach your agreement) include:

● The child’s wishes and feelings (particularly for older children);

● The child’s physical, emotional, and educational needs;

● The likely effect on the child of any changes in circumstances;

● The child’s age, gender, circumstances, and any other relevant background;

● Any harm or risk of harm;

● How capable each parent is of looking after the child’s needs (leaving aside the separate issue of who will provide financial support).

Child Arrangements Orders,  replaced Child ContactChild Custody Orders, Residence Orders, and the famously known Contact Orders which people are familiar with such term..


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Examples of child arrangements

A common situation

My wife and I were together for 20 years; recently, our relationship began to fall apart. So, we want to start divorce proceedings. However, my wife contested the divorce. She wanted to keep the family home. And she also wanted full custody of our son, who is now ten years old. How can I get joint custody of our child and 50/50 split of the house?

We can help you get your divorce and the joint custody and a 50/50 share. These hearings will be in different courts, and we will support you through the process.

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