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What is divorce, and how can we help you in your divorce matters:

The legal termination between two people is called divorce, which must take place before the death of either spouse. According to the Office for National Statistics, in the year 2018, 90,861 opposite-sex couples got divorced.

A divorce will change your living arrangements as well as your finances. And it can further complicate things if you have children to support and care for.

We understand that a divorce is a laborious process to go through. We are here to help you go through the legal process of divorce with our team of professional lawyers who work with high sensitivity. Whether you want to begin the divorce proceedings or want some legal help, we are here for you with the best services!


What can be the reasons for getting a divorce before a court of law?

To get a divorce, you must show the court that your relationship has broken down and cannot be put right. You must prove one of the following things before the court:

  • Adultery: You no longer wish to be with your husband or wife because they have had a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
  • Unreasonable Behaviour: This was the most cited issue in 2018. If your spouse shows physical or mental cruelty of abuse, you could get a divorce on these bases. This could also include a lack of care in money matters, drunkenness, or drug-taking.
  • Agreed Separation: This is when you and your spouse have been living separately for the past two years and you both agree to dissolve the marriage.
  • Non-unanimous Separation: If you and your spouse have lived apart for five years or more and you do not agree to the divorce, you can file for non-unanimous separation.
  • Desertion: This can be a little difficult to prove in the court. To dissolve the marriage, you must have been living for two years or more.  If your spouse has deserted you without your agreement for a continuous period exceeding two years, then you can file for this. This can be a little difficult to prove in the court when facing alone.



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David has an LL.B (Hons) degree in law. He was voted one of the UK’s most influential aspiring lawyers. He was also directly involved in the protection of workers’ rights as respected Union Rep for Usdaw, and he is the Non-Executive Legal Director for the Humber Taxi Association.

Common questions

I am getting a divorce. Will it affect my finances?

The end of a marriage can have an immense effect on your finances; it is, therefore, essential to know where you stand financially during and after the divorce. We can help you go through this complicated legal process with great sensitivity. We will help you understand your legal rights in the best way possible.

What are my rights to finances in a divorce?

You have automatic claims to the finances of your spouse after the separation. A divorce will result in the division of your combined assets. Although most people believe that the assets are divided 50/50 after the divorce, that is not the case. The main financial consideration is how much you and your spouse need to live on after the relationship ends, and in case you have children, their needs will be the priority in the eyes of the law.

How does a divorce affect my finances?

You have an automatic claim to the finances of your spouse if you are married or in a civil partnership after the separation. Under the laws of England, there are two principles applied during this process:

  • Sharing Principle; this covers the division of the assets
  • Needs Principle; this looks at what you need to manage in the future.

You have no automatic legal claim to the finances of your spouse if you are not married.

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