A mistake in contract law is an erroneous belief held by one or both parties to a contract at the time of its formation. A mistake may arise as to the:

subject matter or terms of the contract,

identity of the other party,

nature of the transaction.

The doctrine of mistake should not be confused with the law of misrepresentation where a party is induced to enter into a contract on the basis of a misrepresentation, whether innocent, negligent or fraudulent.

There are three types of mistake of fact:

common mistake – both parties make the same mistake

mutual mistake – each party makes a different mistake, and

unilateral mistake – only one party makes the mistake and the other party is aware of the mistake



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Examples of Mistake

Example of mistake

Mr Day is talking with Mr Night regarding a “mustang” for sale for £15,000. They both assume the I.D of the mustang. Mr Day agrees to buy the mustang. However Mr. Day upon delivery is shocked because he believed the mustang was a car. But Mr Night was selling a horse. There has been a mistake as to the subject matter of the contract.

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